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When agriculture rhymes with innovation

Type of project




Since 2015

Live Project

The challenge

Groupe Anderson has been innovating in the agricultural machinery world for 30 years. How to continue to evolve by integrating digital solutions into a domain that is not at all digital?

The solution

With a practical and user-friendly web platform, the company is able to offer a ton of online services: ordering machines and parts, comparison tools, customized diagnostics, warranty claims, and more.

Informed choices

The product catalog is structured to provide a quick overview of the different models, and a comparison tool helps with informed decision-making.

An efficient navigation

Available at all times, the menu at hand displays in a quick and visual way the variety of machines available at Groupe Anderson.


A private portal

dealer section brings together several services directly online and thus helps reduce calls to the internal team and customer service.


Andy the robot

In the form of a custom conversational robot, an interactive and personalized diagnostic tool provides answers to the most common problems.

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