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At fatfish, our fuel is challenges (and coffee), and we like to have fun, even between 9 and 5. If you’re like us…

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We are always looking for new talent to join our team!


At fatfish, we value passion, resourcefulness, and loyalty more than diplomas. We are looking for people who want to learn and grow with us to push the limits of the digital in order to help our clients exceed their goals. Wanna come for a coffee and chat about your new career?

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what is it like?

Constantly learning


Because we’re always looking to push our limits for the benefit of our clients’ projects, we are constantly on the lookout for the best practices in the industry. And to do that… we have to step out of our comfort zones!

Unique projects


Here, there are no themes, no page builders, nothing repetitive or pre-made. Everything we design is fresh and unique, tailored to the client and their market. It’s impossible to be bored.

Rest / entertainment area


Working is good, but having fun is even better. And combining the two is ideal. With us, the space we have for unwinding is bigger than the one where we work. Absurd? We don’t think so.

Modern equipment


Not too excited about working on a laptop on your lap or at the same table as three other people? Here, everyone has their own large desk, a modern and high-performance computer, multiple screens… and if something is missing, we can have it delivered here within a few days!

Animals allowed!


Sad to leave your furry friend at home all day? Bring them with you! We are very pet-friendly and have plenty of space. Plus, they can become friends with Hawks, our official mascot 🙂

…but also
many other
little perks!

Unlimited tea & coffee


No need to stop and grab a coffee on your way in the morning, we have everything you need here in the office! (Actually, we should probably switch to chamomile tea, maybe it would help us calm down…)

Beer fridays


After a big week of working hard, we deserve a little reward, right? On Friday afternoons, the bell rings (or rather the goat screams) and announces the time to crack open a cold one while we work.

Team Lunch


Your lunch box is pretty and all, but going out to eat at a restaurant with the gang is better. Every Friday, the roulette of fate guides our stomachs to new culinary discoveries!

Birthday treat


If you haven’t already figured out that we love culinary pleasures, you’re slowing down the group… So when it’s someone’s birthday on the team, we spoil them with a little sweet surprise!

What you can
expect with us

Working conditions

Group insurance

Because we’re all getting older, because kids are always getting sick, because the dentist is necessary and a massage is enjoyable. For a very reasonable amount, we cover a variety of practical matters with our group insurance.

Flexible schedule

Do you like to start working at sunrise? Or maybe you’re the type to sleep in? No stress, here, everyone adapts their daily and weekly schedule to their tastes and needs.

4 weeks of vacation

Right from the start, crazy right? Two weeks off during the holidays altogether, and two additional weeks of your choice.

Paid training

As mentioned earlier, we’re always learning and staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies. This includes access to books, magazines, online training, conferences, and more. And don’t worry, there are no surprise quizzes at the end of the month to stress you out!


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Your creativity is overflowing and you dream in RGB? In books, you judge the fonts more than you read the text? Join our team of pixel Picassos!

Do you see HTML tags in your cereals? Do the words “indentation” and “comments” excite you? Join our team of coding ninjas!

Do you have as much attracting power as puppies? Do you go crazy over performance indicators? Come put the spotlight on our clients!

For you, a website is an “experience“? You think a static image looks outdated? Come add some punch to our projects!

Ready to dive in?

Send us an email at info@fatfish.ca or use the form below to submit your application.

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