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Taverne Gaspar

Creation of an enticing showcase for a reinvented tavern

The challenge

Recognized as one of the finest taverns in Old Montreal with its authentic old warehouse decor, the Taverne Gaspar deserved a new website to live up to its reputation.

That's why Experience Old Montréal management contacted us to design in collaboration with their in-house team a new platform that would become the reference for all their restaurants.

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«The team took my vision and brought it to life in a website that perfectly represents the image we want to project.»

Véronie Lavallée, Graphic Designer
Experience Old Montreal

The solution

A website that's unique, catchy but still simple to navigate and which showcases the establishment and its various menus, the whole thing built on a robust content management system allowing the internal team of Experience Old Montréal to remain completely independent.

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