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Branding, UI/UX - Leeroy


The challenge

For this renowned law firm, providing assistance and support is paramount. How can a large amount of detailed content be presented without sacrificing clarity and simplicity?

The solution

This new showcase is comprehensive but never complex, inspiring trust and reflecting both transparency and excellence. The organization of the content is inviting and engaging for visitors.

A website that welcomes you

Structure and user-friendliness

A rethought content architecture that is intuitive and simplified makes navigation and information consultation easier.

A large team?

A small challenge!

When team members are the added value

With a team of nearly 150 legal experts, it was crucial to set up a practical and user-friendly section on the website to showcase them and demonstrate the depth of expertise and experience of DGC.


A valuable resource

Legal news at your fingertips

With several hundred articles, the publications not only keep visitors up to date on everything related to the business, but also provide further evidence of the DGC team’s expertise in various legal areas.


Keeping visitors engaged

At several locations on the website, suggestions related to the viewed topics appear to encourage visitors to explore more pages.

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