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Are you due for
a little trim?
It's time to visit

With a website that charms customers and an online booking system,
this small barbershop full of attitude had to expand less than a year after opening.

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For innovative and
inspiring offices,
trust the pros at

Thanks to high-quality photos and a portfolio with manageable content,
EXA DESIGN's team now has an online presence that lives up to its reputation.

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Do you know
It's a store
for real men.

With their new online store and shops across Quebec,
MAXIMUS XL is setting a new standard for the big and tall.

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New services
New website.
New challenges.
Are you ready?

Everyone is asking about it, and now it is here.
Finally a website that showcases our services and our projects.

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Some of our projects

Little details make big things happen.

Always remember that
you are absolutely unique.
Just like everyone else.

Don't believe everything you
read on the internet.

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Why fatfish?

Because you’re looking for something better than just "lowest bidder". Because you do not want your website to look like your competitor's. Because your project doesn't fit in a premade package. Because you want to be involved but not have to do it yourself. Because you want to be able to talk directly to the production team.

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